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Low-T-99-Pic-4“Bring Effective, Safe and Affordable Testosterone Therapy to All in Need.”

The founding member (and majority shareholder) of Innovative Men’s Clinic who, in 2012 launched and built IMC into the most successful men’s health clinic in the Northwest is back with bigger goals. It was there that his board-certified team of physicians developed and honed a testosterone therapy unmatched by any other health group in the country. At that time the goals were a little different. We realized right away that our doctors had developed a testosterone therapy that was unparalleled in its ability to help people. Our job was to educate and to inform. We needed to explain to people that while getting older is not an option, with our therapy, feeling older is. Most importantly, this could be done safely! It was our ability to get this message to the public that was directly reflected in our success. After less than three years in the western Washington market and acquiring over 4,000 patients our professional goals shifted. The challenge now became creating a comparable testosterone therapy that was also financially accessible to the entire country. Conventional pricing of a comprehensive testosterone therapy like ours ($2,400 – $6,000 per year) made it too expensive for a majority of Americans.

Enter the vision of Low T 99 and our Mission Statement: “Bring Effective, Safe and Affordable Testosterone Therapy to All in Need”. Through the efficient structure of the therapy options offered by Low T 99, it is now possible for all those in need to receive effective testosterone therapy at a fraction of the price. Low T 99 not only offers the best testosterone therapy available but at the least expensive price. $129to $159 total cost per month is less than most co-pays would charge for significantly inferior therapies. Our model is one of transparency and full disclosure. What we offer is truly unique in the testosterone therapy market. All prices and services are published clearly on the LowT99.com website so prospective patients can feel confident before spending penny one.

The effectiveness and safety of any medical therapy will always come first. However if a majority of the people who need that therapy can’t afford it, then we have failed. At Low T 99, therapy effectiveness and safety along with affordability go hand in hand. And it is our goal, better yet our mission, to “Bring Effective, Safe and Affordable Testosterone Therapy to All in Need”.

You have our word on this!


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At Low T 99 we strive to:
“Bring Effective, Safe and Affordable Testosterone Therapy to All in Need”