How It Works

1)Either On-Line or by Phone (844-LowT99-9)

  • A) Select a Day and Time
  • B) Give us some basic info
  • C) Pay $99.00 to Cover your Blood Test and your initial Doctor’s Exam
    – The Appointment is Booked!

2) Patient will immediately receive an email containing:

  • A) Labcorp Blood Draw Center location finder link
    (helping you find the nearest Labcorp Diagnostic Blood Draw Center to your location)
  • B) Link to the Low T 99 Medical Intake page with instructions
    * Both BLOOD DRAW and INTAKE FORM must be completed at least 24 hours before your appointment.

3) Patient Receives Email Reminders to complete blood draw and intake form two (2) days before his Appointment

4) The Appointment

  • A) Patient meets with Low T 99 physician where intake and blood work results are reviewed. The physician’s diagnosis at this visit will indicate whether the patient is low or sub-optimal in testosterone and, if so, whether or not he can safely begin testosterone therapy.

5) If so, the patient will be authorized to begin month-to-month testosterone therapy if he chooses to do so.

6) Patient must set up therapy directly with Low T 99 administrator – CANNOT BE SET UP ON-LINE

7) Patient may stop therapy at any time – AT LEAST 48 HOURS BEFORE MEDICATION ORDER DAY

8) All Low T 99 Testosterone Therapies Require:

  • A) Blood Test Twice (2x) a year.
  • B) Annual Doctor’s Exam
  • C) Any additional tests, referrals or treatments as prescribed by Low T 99 physician
    *Email and Phone Reminders for Blood Tests and Annual Exam will begin to go out to a patient allowing at least One (1) month to complete. If the patient does not complete the required tests or exams in the required time frame, therapy will be discontinued at the end of that 30 day period.