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Loved Dr Ryan and her team!! She really cared about me and helped me a lot. Even outside her expertise she would do research for me to help. The staff was always quick to respond and help. Best office I have ever worked with. Thank you

Gannon Johnson Avatar Gannon Johnson

Best thing I've done for myself in years. Got the energy and Libido of a 40 year old. I feel like my old self again and recommend having all my friends check their Testosterone levels next physical. Low T 99 stays on top of my levels with timely blood tests, which makes me feel confident in the treatment.

Jim Klingbeil Avatar Jim Klingbeil

Great Staff, Listens to your concerns and follows up on your progress and makes adjustments as necessary to your treatment plan.

Ronald Erb Avatar Ronald Erb

5 star ratingGreat front office staff. Questions immediately answered.  State of the art patient portal you can access your records and test results at your convenience . There is another clinic that does a lot of radio advertising that states they are modern and state  of the  art, yet they don't have a way for you to access your records online.  T 99 is the best.. price is great also. I would definitely reccomend T 99 to anyone looking to improve their vitality and energy.

Joe G. Avatar Joe G.

Affordable treatment options for any budget. Friendly staff members that care about meeting the needs of the patients. Doctors focused on getting the patients back to health naturally. I have been a patient for years and I am happy to have made the right choice with Low T 99.

Anthony Patton Avatar Anthony Patton

The staff at Low T 99 are wonderful. They treated me at all times with respect, sensitivity and the utmost discretion. The service I received from Low T made a significant difference in the quality of my life.

Jeff O. Johnson Avatar Jeff O. Johnson

1 star ratingLow T 99

1239 120th Ave NE Suite C, Bellevue, WA 98005

Medical Clinic

Avoid this clinic. I was a client for 2 years and they never got my hormone levels stabilized. Every time my blood was checked, the levels were drastically different which is why my symptoms never resolved. They charged me $150.00/month and I never got the relief I was paying for. This place is only interested in making money. Stay away.

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Stacey J. Avatar Stacey J.

Friendly, professional staff and the best prices around. The results from the TriMix were nothing short of AMAZING!! Very highly recommended.

Eric Edwards Avatar Eric Edwards

5 star ratingAnother men's clinic in Bellevue was much more expensive (although they did accept insurance) and required that the Dr give the weekly Testosterone injections but the Dr eventually refused when he wasn't comfortable with my lab results offering me no other alternatives, but to find somewhere else. I found Low T 99. The owner Bo, who is often there and answering the phone, has been very helpful and friendly. Kirsten, the office manager, is always "on the ball" with reminders when blood work is due and making appointments work. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ahmed yet but he was polite and helpful on the phone in obtaining my lab results. Dr. Natasha Ryan ND is extremely knowledgeable and willing to talk to you on the phone or in person. Dr Ryan has carefully monitored all of my blood values every few months and appropriately discontinued the HCG then switched me from the Testosterone injections (which I received by Fed Ex monthly) to an oral medication (which is supposed to raise T naturally...we'll see!) when my PSA became abnormally high. As a R.N. in private practice with clinics in Monroe and Seattle, I feel that I am receiving excellent care with the staff at Low T 99 and have referred friends and colleagues there.

Andy T. Avatar Andy T.

Bo and his staff are knowledgeable and very helpful. Highly recommended! You can't go wrong! They're amazing!

Eddie Mortega Avatar Eddie Mortega

5 star ratingEveryone in the office was very polite, professional and helpful.  Dr. Disharoon is very informed, patient and reassuring.  The whole visit was excellent and I would recommend her to other people.

Russ B. Avatar Russ B.

5 star ratingI have been enjoying the benefits of the TriMix for months now. Bo and his crew were great, and the results are nothing short of amazing! The prices are very competitive too. I highly recommend these folks, they are discreet, friendly, and professional.

Eric E. Avatar Eric E.

5 star ratingTri Mix works as advertised. Just make sure you follow directions.

The staff is very friendly and prompt.

Very good product.


Jose M. Avatar Jose M.

Great personal service, listen to the patient's needs, and willing revise treatment as necessary. What more can one ask for?

Phillip Davis Avatar Phillip Davis

Nice company that always there to answer all questions.

Never had any issues with meds.

Strongly recommend

John Dunning Avatar John Dunning

Started in June of this year. Lost 15 lbs in first 6 weeks. Have now lost a total of 28 lbs, quit drinking and smoking started eating right and go to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week. Feel great and everything is working.

steve rockett Avatar steve rockett

Every person l spoke with and interacted with were knowledge and honest and very polite.

They are also very organized. If you're interested in this type of therapy, they are

very good at it, because they have been

doing in for a long time, and they specialize in it.

Rodger Warner Avatar Rodger Warner

I have used the service for myself, there is a women's department even though the business is geared mostly towards men. They are efficient, the blood panel is done at a lab close by, few days later the doctors know what to prescribe, the creams are sent fairly quick so you can start your regimen. I wish more women knew about those bioidentical hormones. I am embracing the peri, present and post menopause with no hot flashes, no anxiety or other issues related to this 'getting younger' time in my life.

Iuliana Culiac Avatar Iuliana Culiac

K the product that you people promote and sell is the truth it works it really works there's no side effects at all I've been I've been dealing with this company call 2 years there's always been a satisfactory I recommend it to anybody the delivery service is great The Price is Right and the product works I really feel so complete now as a man did I come perform like I used to when I was a younger man the product works

Montie Wiltbanks Avatar Montie Wiltbanks

Great place, great value without compromising anything, been a patient here 3+ years and very happy.

James Strobel Avatar James Strobel