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5 star ratingGreat front office staff. Questions immediately answered.  State of the art patient portal you can access your records and test results at your convenience . There is another clinic that does a lot of radio advertising that states they are modern and state  of the  art, yet they don't have a way for you to access your records online.  T 99 is the best.. price is great also. I would definitely reccomend T 99 to anyone looking to improve their vitality and energy.

Joe G. Avatar Joe G.

Great Staff, Listens to your concerns and follows up on your progress and makes adjustments as necessary to your treatment plan.

Ronald Erb Avatar Ronald Erb

1 star ratingLow T 99

1239 120th Ave NE Suite C, Bellevue, WA 98005

Medical Clinic

Avoid this clinic. I was a client for 2 years and they never got my hormone levels stabilized. Every time my blood was checked, the levels were drastically different which is why my symptoms never resolved. They charged me $150.00/month and I never got the relief I was paying for. This place is only interested in making money. Stay away.

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Stacey J. Avatar Stacey J.

This is a really good place for trt. Knowledgeable doctors and low fees. I’ve been with them for 7 months with great results. Thank you low T99.

mandeep dhillon Avatar mandeep dhillon

Excellent customer service as always! They are able to work with my travel as I live part time in Seattle and part time in LA plus Results I can feel. Thank you so much Low T 99!!


5 star ratingBo provides a great service! Heidi very attentive too! LoT 99 the best out there and I have Dealt with a few big name companies. Never more satisfied than with Lo T 99! They have what you need! Great service too.

B V. Avatar B V.

This is a top notch clinic the doctors are great and when you have an appointment they're right on schedule. I feel they are very knowledgeable in the products they offer and truly care about their patients. A+ clinic in my book.

Donnie B Avatar Donnie B

5 star ratingI started at the Seattle clinic.  Very conventient.  Then it closed and it was very inconvenient to make if over to Bellevue.  But the office staff make it all worth while.  I'm now having the medication FedEx.  Miss not seeing the staff but it great to talk to them over the phone.

Ian A. Avatar Ian A.

5 star ratingExcellent Doctor and Staff. This is a new type of medical care which is gaining in effectiveness and acceptance by the rest of the health professions.

Dr. Dan

Daniel O. Avatar Daniel O.

5 star ratingLow T 99 is amazing.  Beau is incredible helpful and available.  Ahmad also.

The local doctor I visit in my region was also very knowledgeable and nice to interact with.  

TriMix is the most amazing solution for ED - Far superior to Viagra and related medications!

Robert J. Avatar Robert J.

5 star ratingExcellent Doctor and Staff. This is a new type of medical care which is gaining in effectiveness and acceptance by the rest of the health professions.

Dr. Dan

Daniel O. Avatar Daniel O.

Loved Dr Ryan and her team!! She really cared about me and helped me a lot. Even outside her expertise she would do research for me to help. The staff was always quick to respond and help. Best office I have ever worked with. Thank you

Gannon Johnson Avatar Gannon Johnson

2 star ratingEveryone in the Bellevue office is super nice and the product they sell seems fine but their shipping system is a complete disaster. I've not had a single shipment arrive on time. It totally messes up your dosing routine when the shipping is unpredictable and you run out of product. Very frustrated.

Aaron H. Avatar Aaron H.

5 star ratingI've been to one other clinic like it in the Bellevue, WA area who gave me such a horrible taste that I thought all hormone clinics were scams. Bo and the doctors are so kind and committed to ACTUALLY treating you, not to mention their prices are well below the average market price. I recommend everyone give them a chance. Thanks guys!

G M. Avatar G M.

this is a men’s clinic that’s very reliable, scientific, friendly, discrete. i’m a physician and highly recommend them.

Philip King Avatar Philip King

The staff is terrific always wanting to make sure my needs are meet and that I am satisfied with the product. Delivery is confidential and quick. Great product and Great staff

Chris MEDINA Avatar Chris MEDINA

Great team to work with! Dr. Ryan was short of amazing and was extremely attentive to all of my concerns. Bo and Ahmed deserve a round of applause as well: they were not only accommodating, but easy to talk to and set everything up quick and hassle free! The price is right, service is impeccable and the results have been amazing! Thanks for helping me out!

Luka Fominov Avatar Luka Fominov

Affordable treatment options for any budget. Friendly staff members that care about meeting the needs of the patients. Doctors focused on getting the patients back to health naturally. I have been a patient for years and I am happy to have made the right choice with Low T 99.

Anthony Patton Avatar Anthony Patton

Every person l spoke with and interacted with were knowledge and honest and very polite.

They are also very organized. If you're interested in this type of therapy, they are

very good at it, because they have been

doing in for a long time, and they specialize in it.

Rodger Warner Avatar Rodger Warner

5 star ratingGreat service; comfortable in-person discussion, and the prescription process is straightforward.  Consistently positive experiences each time I've had to interact with them, and the prescriptions arrive by post reliably and without problems.

Greg B. Avatar Greg B.