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K the product that you people promote and sell is the truth it works it really works there's no side effects at all I've been I've been dealing with this company call 2 years there's always been a satisfactory I recommend it to anybody the delivery service is great The Price is Right and the product works I really feel so complete now as a man did I come perform like I used to when I was a younger man the product works

Montie Wiltbanks Avatar Montie Wiltbanks

No other testosterone clinic offers quality Testosterone Therapy with high-grade compounded drugs at the same great price, as LowT99! They even offer a great B-12 program for energy and one of their licensed physicians will consult you on the various treatments they offer, even such sensitive issues, like erectile dysfunction. Some friends & I visited their Bellevue clinic, but they have locations in Seattle, Tacoma & several more in Portland, the Bay area & Arizona. Thanks LowT99!

Jerry Matson Avatar Jerry Matson

Very, very convenient. Great people to work with and a fair deal. Compared to alternative clinic experiences, Bo and the team are a refreshing joy. I highly encourage doing business here if you are exploring this kind of service.

Adam Bird Avatar Adam Bird

5 star ratingI've been to one other clinic like it in the Bellevue, WA area who gave me such a horrible taste that I thought all hormone clinics were scams. Bo and the doctors are so kind and committed to ACTUALLY treating you, not to mention their prices are well below the average market price. I recommend everyone give them a chance. Thanks guys!

G M. Avatar G M.

Great Staff, Listens to your concerns and follows up on your progress and makes adjustments as necessary to your treatment plan.

Ronald Erb Avatar Ronald Erb

5 star ratingLow T 99 is amazing.  Beau is incredible helpful and available.  Ahmad also.

The local doctor I visit in my region was also very knowledgeable and nice to interact with.  

TriMix is the most amazing solution for ED - Far superior to Viagra and related medications!

Robert J. Avatar Robert J.

5 star ratingLo T is as good as it gets, these  guys really treat their customers right and make them a priority. They go above and beyond to let you know you matter and they really want return business, they have a superior product as well. I'm a very tough customer and demand excellent service and this company provides it!

Thanks guys for making it easy to do business with you.

Mike A

Mike A. Avatar Mike A.

5 star ratingTri Mix works as advertised. Just make sure you follow directions.

The staff is very friendly and prompt.

Very good product.


Jose M. Avatar Jose M.

5 star ratingI started at the Seattle clinic.  Very conventient.  Then it closed and it was very inconvenient to make if over to Bellevue.  But the office staff make it all worth while.  I'm now having the medication FedEx.  Miss not seeing the staff but it great to talk to them over the phone.

Ian A. Avatar Ian A.

5 star ratingAnother men's clinic in Bellevue was much more expensive (although they did accept insurance) and required that the Dr give the weekly Testosterone injections but the Dr eventually refused when he wasn't comfortable with my lab results offering me no other alternatives, but to find somewhere else. I found Low T 99. The owner Bo, who is often there and answering the phone, has been very helpful and friendly. Kirsten, the office manager, is always "on the ball" with reminders when blood work is due and making appointments work. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ahmed yet but he was polite and helpful on the phone in obtaining my lab results. Dr. Natasha Ryan ND is extremely knowledgeable and willing to talk to you on the phone or in person. Dr Ryan has carefully monitored all of my blood values every few months and appropriately discontinued the HCG then switched me from the Testosterone injections (which I received by Fed Ex monthly) to an oral medication (which is supposed to raise T naturally...we'll see!) when my PSA became abnormally high. As a R.N. in private practice with clinics in Monroe and Seattle, I feel that I am receiving excellent care with the staff at Low T 99 and have referred friends and colleagues there.

Andy T. Avatar Andy T.

2 star ratingBe medicine I've everexpirence truly the answer for so many couples of both genders keep it coming

Lenny C. Avatar Lenny C.

Low T99 is great. They specialize not only in Testosterone treatment, but also in various alternatives modalities in ED. Most MDs, including urologists, have to cover far more ground so are more fragmented and not as up-to-date. In addition, by virtue of the large numbers of patients they treat, Low T 99 has the ability to keep the pulse on the normal individual variation of these treatments.

Nick Fedan Avatar Nick Fedan

3 star ratingEveryone in the Bellevue office is super nice and the product they sell seems fine. The ship to your house option is super convenient.

Aaron H. Avatar Aaron H.

LowT-99 has been very helpful at identifying my hormone disorder and getting me the treatment I need at an affordable price.

I had been to several doctors and they didn't want to treat me because I was too young, despite the labs clearly indicating them I was struggling with Low-T.

Bo got me the help I needed and I'm feeling a lot better. If you're getting the run around from your doctors or experiencing the symptoms of Low-T I'd recommend contacting the helpful and professional staff at LowT-99.

Nathan VanHouten Avatar Nathan VanHouten

5 star ratingI've been on TRT for about 5-6yrs through a different doctor, but moved, which prompted my finding Low T 99.  Scheduling an initial appt, getting started and overall care have been 100% better than my previous doctor's office (Mens Vitality Center, AZ). And that's not a knock on my prior care giver, by any means.

Highly recommend and especially for those of you who've never been on TRT, do it.  You won't regret it.

Micheil L. Avatar Micheil L.

5 star ratingExcellent Doctor and Staff. This is a new type of medical care which is gaining in effectiveness and acceptance by the rest of the health professions.

Dr. Dan

Daniel O. Avatar Daniel O.

5 star ratingI started at the Seattle clinic.  Very conventient.  Then it closed and it was very inconvenient to make if over to Bellevue.  But the office staff make it all worth while.  I'm now having the medication FedEx.  Miss not seeing the staff but it great to talk to them over the phone.

Ian A. Avatar Ian A.

5 star ratingI've been very happy with low t 99. The service and products have been very satisfactory and are doing exactly what I expected.

Bob E. Avatar Bob E.

Nice company that always there to answer all questions.

Never had any issues with meds.

Strongly recommend

John Dunning Avatar John Dunning

5 star ratingBo and company are great! They have everything I need and always responsive to my questions. The doctor also follows up with me. I have tried many companies but Low T 99 tops them all because they are consistent and for real.

B V. Avatar B V.