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5 star ratingI started at the Seattle clinic.  Very conventient.  Then it closed and it was very inconvenient to make if over to Bellevue.  But the office staff make it all worth while.  I'm now having the medication FedEx.  Miss not seeing the staff but it great to talk to them over the phone.

Ian A. Avatar Ian A.

5 star ratingI had  good experience with this clinic, very responsive, and thorough, they are also very accommodating to their customers, keep up the good work!

Percy G. Avatar Percy G.

1 star ratingLow T 99

1239 120th Ave NE Suite C, Bellevue, WA 98005

Medical Clinic

Avoid this clinic. I was a client for 2 years and they never got my hormone levels stabilized. Every time my blood was checked, the levels were drastically different which is why my symptoms never resolved. They charged me $150.00/month and I never got the relief I was paying for. This place is only interested in making money. Stay away.

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Stacey J. Avatar Stacey J.

This is the best! Friendly, knowledgable and helpful staff. Don't go anywhere else!!

Ian A Anderson Avatar Ian A Anderson

5 star ratingGreat service; comfortable in-person discussion, and the prescription process is straightforward.  Consistently positive experiences each time I've had to interact with them, and the prescriptions arrive by post reliably and without problems.

Greg B. Avatar Greg B.

5 star ratingI have been taking 40 mg troche sildenafil/tadalafl for a few years now they work great for me they will keep you hard for as long as you want myself and my girlfriend are very happy with the results.

John P. Avatar John P.

I've been a patient of Low T 99 since they opened and absolutely love the results and how I feel. I spent many months researching and interviewing different men's clinics in the area and online. All I found was over priced clinics that didn't offer a balance approach to hormone therapy/management. Low T's evaluation process, comprehensive quarterly monitoring, and balanced programs, are easy to use, convenient, and a great value. The monthly home delivery is also a bonus. What I like best about their program is how they monitor not only my T levels, but many other aspects of your health which are addressed in your program. The results are great, I have 12% body fat, fantastic energy and workouts, and muscles I haven't seen since I was 20 something, I like their program so much, I put my brother on the program two years ago and he feels great. Best investment I've ever made in myself.

Anthony Avatar Anthony

Very, very convenient. Great people to work with and a fair deal. Compared to alternative clinic experiences, Bo and the team are a refreshing joy. I highly encourage doing business here if you are exploring this kind of service.

Adam Bird Avatar Adam Bird

Excellent service. Professional staff, awesome doctor. I am a very happy patient.

Alberto Santos Avatar Alberto Santos

5 star ratingI had  good experience with this clinic, very responsive, and thorough, they are also very accommodating to their customers, keep up the good work!

Percy G. Avatar Percy G.

Best thing I've done for myself in years. Got the energy and Libido of a 40 year old. I feel like my old self again and recommend having all my friends check their Testosterone levels next physical. Low T 99 stays on top of my levels with timely blood tests, which makes me feel confident in the treatment.

Jim Klingbeil Avatar Jim Klingbeil

Started in June of this year. Lost 15 lbs in first 6 weeks. Have now lost a total of 28 lbs, quit drinking and smoking started eating right and go to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week. Feel great and everything is working.

steve rockett Avatar steve rockett

5 star ratingI've been to one other clinic like it in the Bellevue, WA area who gave me such a horrible taste that I thought all hormone clinics were scams. Bo and the doctors are so kind and committed to ACTUALLY treating you, not to mention their prices are well below the average market price. I recommend everyone give them a chance. Thanks guys!

G M. Avatar G M.

This is a top notch clinic the doctors are great and when you have an appointment they're right on schedule. I feel they are very knowledgeable in the products they offer and truly care about their patients. A+ clinic and doctors in my true opinion.

Donnie B Avatar Donnie B

Great personal service, listen to the patient's needs, and willing revise treatment as necessary. What more can one ask for?

Phillip Davis Avatar Phillip Davis

K the product that you people promote and sell is the truth it works it really works there's no side effects at all I've been I've been dealing with this company call 2 years there's always been a satisfactory I recommend it to anybody the delivery service is great The Price is Right and the product works I really feel so complete now as a man did I come perform like I used to when I was a younger man the product works

Montie Wiltbanks Avatar Montie Wiltbanks

I have used the service for myself, there is a women's department even though the business is geared mostly towards men. They are efficient, the blood panel is done at a lab close by, few days later the doctors know what to prescribe, the creams are sent fairly quick so you can start your regimen. I wish more women knew about those bioidentical hormones. I am embracing the peri, present and post menopause with no hot flashes, no anxiety or other issues related to this 'getting younger' time in my life.

Iuliana Culiac Avatar Iuliana Culiac

Great service great help. Answered all my questions and help the process to reach my ultimate goals. Would recommend 150%!

Patric Quin Avatar Patric Quin

Low-T has provided me with prompt service every time calls made were returned adjustments made to my orders completed on time Low-T customer for aprx 3 years now thank you

michael cordner Avatar michael cordner

5 star ratingGreat Team of Professionals. Bo was very helpful and took all the time needed to answer all my questions and concerns. Please reach out to this guys and they will tailor a road to success for you.

Michael R. Avatar Michael R.