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Low T99 is great. They specialize not only in Testosterone treatment, but also in various alternatives modalities in ED. Most MDs, including urologists, have to cover far more ground so are more fragmented and not as up-to-date. In addition, by virtue of the large numbers of patients they treat, Low T 99 has the ability to keep the pulse on the normal individual variation of these treatments.

Nick Fedan Avatar Nick Fedan

5 star ratingI've been to one other clinic like it in the Bellevue, WA area who gave me such a horrible taste that I thought all hormone clinics were scams. Bo and the doctors are so kind and committed to ACTUALLY treating you, not to mention their prices are well below the average market price. I recommend everyone give them a chance. Thanks guys!

G M. Avatar G M.

this is a men’s clinic that’s very reliable, scientific, friendly, discrete. i’m a physician and highly recommend them.

Philip King Avatar Philip King

5 star ratingI had  good experience with this clinic, very responsive, and thorough, they are also very accommodating to their customers, keep up the good work!

Percy G. Avatar Percy G.

I have been to several clinics in Seattle offering Low T treatment and can happily say that Lo T99 is in class by themself. Dr Noska is cordial,caring and professional.He will ask a lot of questions to make sure your treatment is on track. You can easily view your test results on their patient portal. This is one benefit I really appreciate. None of the other so call clinics I went to offer this feature. Your consultation will always be with the Doctor and not some lab tech.

The office crew especially Bo, will promptly respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have. This is a great clinic with fantastic people.

joe sosa Avatar joe sosa

Great experience. I was skeptical at first but low t 99 turned out to be exactly what I needed and more. Their absolutely wonderful.

Charles aka. carlos Ramos Avatar Charles aka. carlos Ramos

The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very thankful that I found them. They have really changed my life and outlook on my intimacy Factor it's win-win

Paul Weeks Avatar Paul Weeks

Great Staff, Listens to your concerns and follows up on your progress and makes adjustments as necessary to your treatment plan.

Ronald Erb Avatar Ronald Erb

Great service great help. Answered all my questions and help the process to reach my ultimate goals. Would recommend 150%!

Patric Quin Avatar Patric Quin

Friendly, professional staff and the best prices around. The results from the TriMix were nothing short of AMAZING!! Very highly recommended.

Eric Edwards Avatar Eric Edwards

They have helped me with my low testosterone issue in a safe and effective way. The staff has been very helpful and responsive to me through the process.

Michael Keating Avatar Michael Keating

These guys are fantastic. I really appreciated their help, accommodation, and services when I was a patient. Really solid good people very helpful and accommodating. The quality of the pharma was also unparalleled; very effective and made locally. Owner is very cool guy.

Luke 1:49 Avatar Luke 1:49

The staff is terrific always wanting to make sure my needs are meet and that I am satisfied with the product. Delivery is confidential and quick. Great product and Great staff

Chris MEDINA Avatar Chris MEDINA

Very, very convenient. Great people to work with and a fair deal. Compared to alternative clinic experiences, Bo and the team are a refreshing joy. I highly encourage doing business here if you are exploring this kind of service.

Adam Bird Avatar Adam Bird

This is the best! Friendly, knowledgable and helpful staff. Don't go anywhere else!!

Ian A Anderson Avatar Ian A Anderson

I have used the service for myself, there is a women's department even though the business is geared mostly towards men. They are efficient, the blood panel is done at a lab close by, few days later the doctors know what to prescribe, the creams are sent fairly quick so you can start your regimen. I wish more women knew about those bioidentical hormones. I am embracing the peri, present and post menopause with no hot flashes, no anxiety or other issues related to this 'getting younger' time in my life.

Iuliana Culiac Avatar Iuliana Culiac

The staff at low T has been very helpful you could not ask for a greater staff. I have asked a lot of questions and they have answered them with out making me feel stupid for the questions I highly recommend this staff


Paul Weeks Avatar Paul Weeks

Nice company that always there to answer all questions.

Never had any issues with meds.

Strongly recommend

John Dunning Avatar John Dunning

5 star ratingTri Mix works as advertised. Just make sure you follow directions.

The staff is very friendly and prompt.

Very good product.


Jose M. Avatar Jose M.

5 star ratingGreat service; comfortable in-person discussion, and the prescription process is straightforward.  Consistently positive experiences each time I've had to interact with them, and the prescriptions arrive by post reliably and without problems.

Greg B. Avatar Greg B.