The physicians at Low T 99 understand that one of the primary symptoms of low testosterone is Erectile Dysfunction and, for many patients, one of the goals of testosterone therapy is to regain full sexual capabilities. Even when effective, testosterone therapy can take up to a few months to reach optimal effectiveness and there may be an temporary need for “bridge” medications. Depending on the severity of the Erectile Dysfunction it may even be helpful to continue to supplement the testosterone therapy throughout.

With the intent of maximizing the patient experience, Low T 99 physicians have made available personalized ED medications. If your Low T 99 physician concludes that these medications might be beneficial to your overall therapy they will be made available as supplementary options.

Erections in men are generally classified into two categories: Reflexogenic Erections (erections triggered by physical stimulus of the penis) and Psychogenic Erections (triggered by sexual fantasies, thoughts and looking at things which are sexually stimulating). Depending on your concern, speak with a physician at Low T 99 to see how our formulas may be able to help you!


Erectile dysfunction (ED) medications are custom formulated specifically for each patient. Call us to find out more!


This injectable  ED medication is custom-dosed specifically for each patient. Call us to find out more!

The ED Clinic associate company of Low T 99 Testosterone Therapy

80% of the Men in America Suffer from Sexual Problems like Erectile Dysfunction


1) Testosterone, Serum
2) Estradiol
3) Prostate, Specific Ag Serum
4) Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
5) CBC with Differential/Platelet, 

Two (2) annual Blood Test Reviews and one (1) annual Doctor’s Exam are included in all (Basic, Plus, and Premium) Low T 99 Testosterone Therapies. In the case of Plus and Premium Therapies, the blood tests themselves are also included. If ADDITIONAL blood tests or doctor’s visits are requested by the Low T 99 physician it is because they are deemed NECESSARY for the patient’s safety. Hence, they are REQUIRED for the patient to continue in their testosterone therapy. The costs of such supplementary requests are the sole financial responsibility of the patient. While not mandatory, If the patient chooses not to follow the Low T 99 physician’s request, that patient’s therapy will end indefinitely at the end of their 30-day treatment. The patient’s safety and well being are the PRIMARY concern of Low T 99 physicians.
*Low T 99 has made extraordinary efforts to not just be competitive in it’s pricing but in most cases well below wholesale levels.