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Low Testosterone Therapy

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LowT Testosterone Therapy Explained

LowT99 specializes in the diagnosis of low testosterone in men and low testosterone treatments online from licensed medical doctors close to home.

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What is testosterone?

Do you have 1-2 minutes right now to see if you might have Low-T? Answer 10 simple standardized questions to gain clinical insights about your male hormone health called the ADAM questionnaire.

Low Testosterone Therapy Providers

LowT99 Telehealth Medical Doctors

Male doctor for Low T Testosterone Therapy

Dr. Nolan Noska
(Medical Director)

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Washington 
Male doctor for Low T Testosterone Therapy

Dr. Abe Rice

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas 
female doctor for Low T Testosterone Therapy

Dr. Schulz


Male doctor for Low T Testosterone Therapy

Dr Alex Coracides


LowT99 Testosterone Therapy Process

3 Step Medical Plan

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Step # 1 - LowT Testosterone Therapy

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Step # 2 - LowT Testosterone Therapy

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Men’s Telehealth brand, LowT99 is a full hormone evaluation by a certified physician who prescribes hormone replacement medication or proposes lifestyle adjustments to help American men accomplish their weight reduction goals and performance. – Read the Full Article

LowT99 Low Testosterone Treatment Available Nation Wide

LowT99’s skilled men’s health providers are available to assist you online at home from clinics in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Washington

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

For men suffering from a testosterone deficiency the benefits of increasing your testosterone levels include:

Healthy heart & blood

Increase Strength with Low T Testosterone Therapy

Less fat, more muscle

Improve Libido with Low T Testosterone Therapy

Stronger libido

Good Mood with Low T Testosterone Therapy

Decreased mental fog

Great Bones with Low T Testosterone Therapy

Stronger bones

Great Feeling #1 with Low T Testosterone Therapy

Improved mood

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a natural hormone produced by a man’s body. In our prime men’s testosterone
production is high, which can alter muscle mass, hair growth, and libido, or sex drive.
It’s not atypical for a man’s testosterone levels to drop as we get older. Low testosterone levels,
clinically known as hypogonadism, can cause a number of difficult symptoms for men.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

When a man’s body has a low level of testosterone, the symptoms might damage his
relationships and work performance, as well as lead to chronic health issues. The male sex
hormone, testosterone, has many important functions, including the development of the bones
and muscles, hair growth, and other key men’s health factors.
Men who suffer from low T often report any combination of the following symptoms:

  • Weight Gain
  • Irritability
  • Hair loss
  • Decreased sexual ability and drive
  • Memory loss
  • Muscle loss
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Urinary problems
  • Depression

Men also experience trouble achieving and maintaining erections during sexual stimulation, as well as a decline in erections overnight (morning wood). Worse yet, men who don’t treat low testosterone are more likely to find that the common ED Treatments available, such as the little blue pill, won’t work at all. If your love life is anything less than satisfactory, the doctors at LowT99 can help you achieve more and wave goodbye to impotence.

The ED Clinic associate company of Low T 99 Testosterone Therapy
Learn About Your Treatment Options For Erectile Dysfunction >>
Ask LowT99 about receiving ED treatments delivered directly to your doorstep. Rush delivery is available anywhere in the continental US.

What Are Low Testosterone Levels?

Understanding Your Testosterone Test Results

In men, the lower normal limit for testosterone is around 300 nanograms per deciliter, whereas the upper normal limit is around 1000-1200 ng/dl.

Testosterone levels can change drastically throughout the day; and are directly affected by your sleep at night. While you sleep, your body prepares for the next day by making more Testosterone. That is why your testosterone levels are most significant right away in the morning- and why under the best of circumstances men experience morning wood.

Want to learn more about sleep cycles and testosterone? Ask us your questions online by clicking here.

Low Testosterone Causes

Male hypogonadism, or low T, occurs when the testicles do not produce enough of the hormone testosterone.
Low testosterone can be caused by a variety of factors, and our doctors can help you with blood tests and, if necessary, referrals to experts for additional testing.
Trying to figure out what’s causing your low testosterone is crucial because it will help you figure out what kind of testosterone therapy will work best for you. It can also assist us in focusing on any other medical concerns we may have, such as diabetes.

Does Low T Cause Anxiety?

Man Reading about Low Testosterone on Cell Phone

Male hypogonadism, or low T, occurs when the testicles do not produce enough of the hormone testosterone. Low testosterone can be caused by a variety of factors, and our doctors can help you with blood tests and, if necessary, referrals to experts for additional testing. Trying to figure out what’s causing your low testosterone is crucial because it will help you figure out what kind of testosterone therapy will work best for you. It can also assist us in focusing on any other medical concerns we may have, such as diabetes.

Doctor Discussing Low Testosterone Issues with customer online

Some of the symptoms of low T are also stress symptoms. Learn how stress and low T may be linked, as well as what you can do to help online with the expert guidance of a Low T Doctor near you. Causality differs from association. There isn’t a lot of evidence that stress lowers testosterone and even less evidence that stress reduction raises testosterone. Having said that, we do know that both acute and chronic stress have physiological consequences. As a result, reducing stress may aid in the treatment of low testosterone symptoms such as libido, energy, and depression. But when you have Low T, the most effective thing to do is talk with a doctor and get started on the best hormone replacement therapy. And I happen to have a free appointment slot!

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Patient Reviews Of LowT99

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Low T99 is great. They specialize not only in Testosterone treatment, but also in various alternatives modalities in ED. Most MDs, including urologists, have to cover far more ground so are more fragmented and not as up-to-date. In addition, by virtue of the large numbers of patients they treat, Low T 99 has the ability to keep the pulse on the normal individual variation of these treatments.

Nick Fedan Avatar Nick Fedan

No other testosterone clinic offers quality Testosterone Therapy with high-grade compounded drugs at the same great price, as LowT99! They even offer a great B-12 program for energy and one of their licensed physicians will consult you on the various treatments they offer, even such sensitive issues, like erectile dysfunction. Some friends & I visited their Bellevue clinic, but they have locations in Seattle, Tacoma & several more in Portland, the Bay area & Arizona. Thanks LowT99!

Jerry Matson Avatar Jerry Matson

I found Low T 99 to be very informative and very customer service oriented. They answered all my questions quickly, and were very responsive over the phone and email.

Thomas Dillon Avatar Thomas Dillon

Good Customer service. Small enough Company to know the patients. Very fair pricing.

Rob Chatham Avatar Rob Chatham

This is the best! Friendly, knowledgable and helpful staff. Don't go anywhere else!!

Ian A Anderson Avatar Ian A Anderson

Affordable treatment options for any budget. Friendly staff members that care about meeting the needs of the patients. Doctors focused on getting the patients back to health naturally. I have been a patient for years and I am happy to have made the right choice with Low T 99.

Anthony Patton Avatar Anthony Patton

this is a men’s clinic that’s very reliable, scientific, friendly, discrete. i’m a physician and highly recommend them.

Philip King Avatar Philip King

Loved Dr Ryan and her team!! She really cared about me and helped me a lot. Even outside her expertise she would do research for me to help. The staff was always quick to respond and help. Best office I have ever worked with. Thank you

Gannon Johnson Avatar Gannon Johnson

Bo and his staff are knowledgeable and very helpful. Highly recommended! You can't go wrong! They're amazing!

Eddie Mortega Avatar Eddie Mortega

The staff at Low T 99 are wonderful. They treated me at all times with respect, sensitivity and the utmost discretion. The service I received from Low T made a significant difference in the quality of my life.

Jeff O. Johnson Avatar Jeff O. Johnson

Dr Ryan, Bo, Heidi, & Ahmed. These individuals are the best in the business when it comes to proper treatment for your individual needs. Bo, Heidi & Ahmed always go the extra mile to assure you get your medicine on time. Others who offer this service should look at this business and learn how it's done. Price, Service and delivery Thanks Lo T 99

Stephen Ford Avatar Stephen Ford

I've been a patient of Low T 99 since they opened and absolutely love the results and how I feel. I spent many months researching and interviewing different men's clinics in the area and online. All I found was over priced clinics that didn't offer a balance approach to hormone therapy/management. Low T's evaluation process, comprehensive quarterly monitoring, and balanced programs, are easy to use, convenient, and a great value. The monthly home delivery is also a bonus. What I like best about their program is how they monitor not only my T levels, but many other aspects of your health which are addressed in your program. The results are great, I have 12% body fat, fantastic energy and workouts, and muscles I haven't seen since I was 20 something, I like their program so much, I put my brother on the program two years ago and he feels great. Best investment I've ever made in myself.

Anthony Avatar Anthony

Great experience. I was skeptical at first but low t 99 turned out to be exactly what I needed and more. Their absolutely wonderful.

Charles aka. carlos Ramos Avatar Charles aka. carlos Ramos

This is a really good place for trt. Knowledgeable doctors and low fees. I’ve been with them for 7 months with great results. Thank you low T99.

mandeep dhillon Avatar mandeep dhillon

The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very thankful that I found them. They have really changed my life and outlook on my intimacy Factor it's win-win

Paul Weeks Avatar Paul Weeks

Friendly, professional staff and the best prices around. The results from the TriMix were nothing short of AMAZING!! Very highly recommended.

Eric Edwards Avatar Eric Edwards

Great follow through, product arrives on time, blood work is easy, and the results are amazing. I feel better than I have in years.

Jerry Craft Productions Avatar Jerry Craft Productions

I have been to several clinics in Seattle offering Low T treatment and can happily say that Lo T99 is in class by themself. Dr Noska is cordial,caring and professional.He will ask a lot of questions to make sure your treatment is on track. You can easily view your test results on their patient portal. This is one benefit I really appreciate. None of the other so call clinics I went to offer this feature. Your consultation will always be with the Doctor and not some lab tech.

The office crew especially Bo, will promptly respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have. This is a great clinic with fantastic people.

joe sosa Avatar joe sosa

Started in June of this year. Lost 15 lbs in first 6 weeks. Have now lost a total of 28 lbs, quit drinking and smoking started eating right and go to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week. Feel great and everything is working.

steve rockett Avatar steve rockett

LowT-99 has been very helpful at identifying my hormone disorder and getting me the treatment I need at an affordable price.

I had been to several doctors and they didn't want to treat me because I was too young, despite the labs clearly indicating them I was struggling with Low-T.

Bo got me the help I needed and I'm feeling a lot better. If you're getting the run around from your doctors or experiencing the symptoms of Low-T I'd recommend contacting the helpful and professional staff at LowT-99.

Nathan VanHouten Avatar Nathan VanHouten

Getting Low T Help Is Convenient

1. Make An Appointment
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2. Get Blood Work
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3. Telemedical Visit
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HRT - TRT LowT99 Payment and billing information

How much does testosterone cost?

Inclusive Package
from Just

$298 every 2 months


  • Physician Management
  • Testosterone (up to 10 ml)
  • Anastrozole
  • Blood Work (Bi-annually)
  • Add Clomiphene for only $30

Can I afford hormone replacement treatment?

Does LowT99 accept insurance?

Low T Is A Real Problem For Men - LowT99 Has A Real Solution

As the saying goes, “Hard times make hard men.” But research suggests that one out of four
men have low testosterone levels by their thirtieth birthday- and only one out of every twenty
men actually get the help they need before it’s too late. Without early recognition and treatment,
low-T can cause infertility and destroy any man’s full potential to live a confident and competent
life. Some may speculate that the economic decline or millennial affluence is to blame- but the
truth is far worse.
Learn More about what’s trending in HRT management in our FAQs section.

Attention Men- We Need To Talk About Our Testosterone

Many men are amazed to learn that testosterone Replacement Therapy – TRT- for men’s health and vitality is less than a century-old narrative. For most men, the first and last time that testosterone is discussed was during elementary health class. Testosterone replacement therapy was the predominant Erectile Dysfunction -ED treatment administered to men concurrently with marriage counseling for two decades before to the release of Viagra. As a result, Low T became linked with male virility and sexual function— a taboo topic. As a result of not discussing LowT, many men don’t know where to find help. Rather than bounce between primary care providers and specialists aimlessly or ask for directions, hard men become a stereotype and suffer in complete silence.

Men, we should talk about it.

Call us now to take charge of the conversation- Call 833-333-5698 or send us your questions online using our verified and secure form below.

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